CINCINNATI, OH - SEPTEMBER 25: Denver Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian (13) calls the play at the line during the fourth quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals September 25, 2016 at Paul Brown Stadium. (Photo By John Leyba/The Denver Post)

Trevor Siemian: As Cool as the Other Side of the Pillow

Stuart Scott would marvel over how calm and collected Trevor Siemian has been. You can call him T-Money if you’d like, or say that he’s benefited from a number of dropped interceptions and lucky breaks. Just make sure that you mention the following: he’s 3-0 as a starter for the reigning Super Bowl champions, holds a 95.9 passer rating and when the Bengals looked him dead in the eye and dared him to beat them with his arm, Trevor looked right back and said, “Hodor.”

Actually, he said, “Okay.” Then he did just that. And to think, there were all these haters out there who didn’t think Siemian could step up and win a game when he had to, including this idiot: “Trevor Siemian is the best bad option at quarterback. The least defective of a group of misfit toys.”

Oh yeah. That was me. Nothing like a nice helping of crow for breakfast on a Monday morning.

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Power Ranking Ramblings

One of the more underrated comical aspects of ESPN is their consistently terrible NFL Power Rankings. Not only is it another opportunity for the Worldwide Leader in Sports to slobber all over the teams it loves and shaft the ones that it hates, but the rankings themselves often make no sense whatsoever. It’s hard to take them seriously when a sixth grader could’ve made his own list of the NFL’s top teams and probably would have come up with similar results.

Nonetheless, doing power rankings is a prolonged and painstakingly difficult task, so Kevin and I thought it would be more fun to just rip on ESPN’s weekly version. Enjoy.

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The 20 castaways arrive at the beach on SURVIVOR: Millennials vs. Gen. X, when the Emmy Award-winning series returns for its 33rd season with a special 90-minute premiere, Wednesday, Sept. 21 (8:00-9:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Survivor Millennials vs Gen X Episode 1: Kappa Kappa Survivor

Come on in guys for my Survivor Millennials vs Gen X (I’m already sick of typing that dumb name) Episode 1 review where I use classic Survivor quotes to assess the latest episode.

Before we jump into my assessment of the latest premier episode of Survivor, I thought I could give a quick preview into what to expect out of Pegboards as we wrap up 2016.

The start of the 33rd season of Survivor kicks off the start of the fall TV schedule. Here at Pegboards we will continue* to recap The Walking Dead on a weekly basis with our Dead Rankings where Jesse and I compete to guess who is next to die on the show. Sound morbid and hilarious? It is indeed.

*I haven’t confirmed this with Jesse yet but let’s just say I will guilt him into it.

Aside from The Walking Dead expect to see weekly Survivor recaps, WWE coverage, weekly NFL rankings, a Stranger Things season 1 recap, some movie reviews and much more. If you have any suggestions for show recaps please leave a comment below!

Uh oh, I hate to do this but it looks like a cyclone is incoming. For the first time in three seasons, I’m going to have to evacuate the column. Just click below and I’ll be back before you know it. Spoilers below.
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Aug 27, 2016; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian (13) makes a call in the first quarter against the Los Angeles Rams at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Siemian is the Best Bad Option

Bryan Cranston will forever be known as Hal and Heisenberg to his fans, but I always enjoyed his role in Argo and mostly for that one scene. I envisioned meetings that John Elway and Gary Kubiak had about the quarterbacks this summer playing out very similarly to the ones our government had on how to deal with the Iran Hostage Crisis.

Elway: “You’re really going to start Trevor Siemian?”

Kubiak: “You gave me Sanchez and two guys who have never started a game. There are only bad options, it’s just about finding the best one.”

Elway: “And you don’t have a better bad idea than this?”

Kubiak: “This is the best bad idea I have, sir. By far.”

I’m sure I’m paraphrasing a tad, but yeah, I bet those meetings were pretty similar. That’s because the Broncos don’t currently have any good options at quarterback. Mark Sanchez continues to be haunted by the mistakes that have doomed his career, which may even cost him a spot on the roster. Paxton Lynch looked very much like a rookie against the Rams, missing open receivers and letting the defense rattle him. That leaves Trevor Siemian, the lesser of three evils. The least defective of a group of misfit toys.

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No Brock, We Are Not Entertained

That famous scene in Gladiator occurs when Maximus single-handedly decimates an arena of all the other top warriors. He not only murders them without even really breaking a sweat, but he dispatches them in bloody fashion. When there is no one left to challenge him, he throws his arms up and asks the crowd, “Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?” That’s all that was missing from the main event of last night’s SummerSlam.

Brock Lesnar is a terrific athlete and a tremendous waste of talent. His matches are annoyingly one-sided and all too often resemble a Maximus-esque slaughter. You can lay that at the feet of WWE Creative if you want and they certainly deserve some blame for booking Brock as an invincible monster, but the Beast Incarnate does not care if he puts on a good show. He doesn’t give a s**t about your kids and he certainly isn’t concerned with helping other wrestlers get over. When Brock left Randy Orton in a pool of his own blood last night, only to continue wailing on him after the match was over, we may as well have been ancient Romans sitting silently as Maximus asked us if we were entertained.

I can’t speak for everyone, but Eric and I were certainly not that entertained and we have a feeling that many of you weren’t as well.

We had originally intended to do a SummerSlam predictions post followed by a recap, but technology sucks and we’re too reliant on it we weren’t able to. Instead, we had to squeeze this reaction piece together as best we could. You can also see our original predictions so that you can mock our lack of foresight.

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New Era of Raw Getting Stale?

(Update: Our friend Eric Schreiber is back for more WWE Raw rumblings. He was gone for a couple weeks for reasons he will explain.) 

I decided to group all three of these Raws together with the hope of it getting better, but unfortunately I find myself a little more than slightly disappointed in this “New Era” of Raw. The first Raw after the draft was full of excitement, anticipation, and Surprises (Balor becoming the #1 Contender for the Universal Title and Sasha becoming the Women’s Champ). After such an awesome show, Raw has once again become stale.

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The Hall of Shame

When it was Randy Grandishar’s turn to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, the committee said, “Sorry, you’re not what we’re looking for.” When Steve Atwater and Karl Mecklenburg deserved to be honored, the committee sent them away. And when Terrell Davis was a semi-finalist and needed to be told yes just one more time to make it where he belongs, the committee shook their heads.

I don’t like to believe in conspiracies and Broncos players being slighted by the Pro Football Hall of Fame is nothing new. However, when Pat Bowlen wasn’t put forward as a finalist by the Senior Committee, I say that something stinks. When Jerry Jones received that spot instead, then there is something very wrong with what the NFL considers to be Hall of Fame-worthy.

Will Mr. B make it in eventually? Sure, but his exclusion in favor of Jerry for next year’s class calls into question the legitimacy of this entire process.

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