About us

Born from humble beginnings in the heart of Canada’s capital city, NRML has emerged to become one of North America’s premier streetwear boutiques. With a relentless pursuit to carry the most authentic streetwear and exclusive footwear, NRML has evolved from a simple sneaker shop into a sophisticated purveyor for the stylish elite.

Located in the heavily trafficked Byward Market, NRML lies in Ottawa’s vibrant downtown district. The three-story, ten thousand square foot storefront distinguishes the shop as one of the largest streetwear retailers in the world. Architecturally designed with pain-staking detail, the open-concept, industrial layout combines elements of modern design and visual art into one cohesive environment.

Established in 1997, NRML opened its doors with a mission to bring sneaker and street culture to a city with a burgeoning urban scene. Housing a comprehensive collection of hand-picked gems and exclusive releases, NRML’s footwear display currently holds over three hundreds pairs of shoes. A passion for footwear was easily translated into fashion leading to an extensive apparel product line for both men and women. The shop’s diverse collection of labels spans over sixty independent brands of apparel and accessories.

Two-thousand and twelve marked NRML’s fifteenth anniversary, a milestone which was met with equal parts pride and humility. The year also marked the launch of NRML Cut & Sew, an original lifestyle brand deeply influenced by our roots, values and the ever evolving streetwear aesthetic. With a newly designed website and online store, NRML stands poised to expand upon its reach, bringing a unique blend of fashion, culture and passion to the world.